“Angry Birds”

  The Popes Peace Doves are attacked by Avian Predators – Or how Nature’s often intractable cruelty is a good analogy for the Republican Party attempts at re-branding.   The Revolution is not always in sync with the Evolution and sometimes the old Birds are not  so easily silenced or killed off.   VATICAN CITY/ WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two white “Peace Doves” that were released by Pope Francis and two children from a window at the Apostolic Palace on Saturday were attacked immediately and in Continue reading →

Leaning In with Hugh, Alf and Max – The story begins

This is my introduction and a “Staking Out” of  my territory, I suppose.  So Lefty Louise is off and while we’re starting things fresh from here, some background is called for.  Provided herein. I was born a true Jersey Girl at the Height of the Boom Invasion and the only child of blue collar working parents; a Fireman and a School Teacher.  I grew up and married a Cop so I guess you could call me True Blue.   The Unions for both of my parent’s Continue reading →